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My name is Brook Langston - CPA STRATEGIST.  My focus is on accelerating the wealth and impact you and your clients experience through your CPA firm.

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About Us

The most important thing you need to know about us comes down to our singular focus on increasing the wealth and well-being of CPAs.  In turn, the CPAs we work with know that the best way to achieve this goal is by focusing on increasing the wealth and well-being of their clients.  

Within the first two hours of waking each day, I write my #1 focus in key areas of my life. Professionally, that means reinforcing my commitment to increase the wealth and security of CPAs. 


Not every CPA is interested in increasing the number of new clients.

Many would be satisfied with "firing" 10% of their clients if the lost revenue could be replaced by the remaining client base.  

That's why every conversation starts with understanding a CPA's top priorities. Because in the end, the only thing "About Us" that truly matters is our ability to help you achieve results meaningful to you. 

Having purchased and turned around two $1.5M dollar manufacturing companies, I've also consulted for and assisted service professionals in developing a well-rounded sense of what it takes to build successful small businesses. It's become clear in consulting for professionals such as audiologists, chiropractors, dentists, and for the past three years - CPAs - that their high level of professional training didn't include business development.


That's why partnering with best-in-class services such as CPA Strategist makes sense in helping to build a strong CPA firm. That could mean partnering with the right marketing company or the right financial advisory.  It might even mean joining forces with a CPA-related franchise, and we can help you with all of it. 

CPA Strategist is independent, which gives us the flexibility to recommend the partner and services that will yield the greatest results in achieving your business goals that by extension feed into achieving life goals. 


Let's connect to discuss ways to help your firm increase its impact for both you and your clients.


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