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Strategies & Resources for Increasing

Wealth & Impact


INCREASED number of new clients

INCREASED Income: more billable hours; additional services, financial advisor partnerships

INCREASED efficiency with daily processes



Every recommendation we make is filtered through 3 core principles.

1. Success comes from a laser focus on the ONE thing, that if done well, will set you up for the next step in your progression

2. Pareto's Law of the 80/20

3. "Who not How". Stick to your areas of expertise and leverage specialists who help breakthroughs feel almost effortless.  


Our ideal CPA clients are those who want to increase the value they provide their clients as reflected in the increase in billable hours, increase in wealth of the firm and wealth and security of their clients.  And while we're at it, let's do it all more efficiently so in the end we all make more money, faster, more predictably and more enjoyably.


When I think about what's the most important thing you need to know about us, it comes down to our singular focus on increasing the wealth and well-being of CPAs.  In turn, the CPAs we work with know that the best way to do that is by focusing on increasing the wealth and well-being of their clients.  


CPA Strategist is not a marketing company.  We are not a financial advisory firm.  We are an independent group whos sinclugar fo





“Brook is an intelligent, highly motivated individual who produces high quality products without missing a deadline. He takes his business seriously and demonstrates a genuine concern for his customer. I have seen him quickly adapt when confronted with difficult problems and he always places his customer first. His candor, honesty and reliability has led me to trust him explicitly.”


Roger Nielsen, The Influence Masters

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